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Rattan Stacking Set – If you presently have an supply from containers at your disposal, going out and buying new ones isn’t among one of the most appealing idea. However your present containers aren’t pleasing your needs. In fact, the elements you‘re maintaining in them may in fact be starting to wind up being hurt or harmed as a result from jarring and bumping throughout movement and transport. What to do?

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There‘s a technique to save your elements and preserve your present containers likewise. Foam dividers and dividers link the divide, offering safety and security to your maintained items without requiring you to buy expensive new containers. That‘s because these foam dividers and dividers are industrialized to fit snuggly within your totes and different various other containers to deal optimal sustaining for likewise among one of the most delicate elements.


These dividers and dividers are offered in a variety from options to please virtually every feasible storage space area need. Complying with are a couple of from the foam divider varieties customers can select from :


Foam Lined Corr Cartons – Business owner whose storage space area needs consist of fragile products will never ever ever before take a take a look at corrugated paper boxes once more. While made from the precise exact same inexpensive corrugated cardboard, Corr cartons can be lined prominent, reduced and sides with anti-stat urethane foam to deal remarkable sustaining at an inexpensive element.

Foam Divider U-Pads – If your storage space area needs consist of bit items that have the tendency to roll regarding within their container, U-pad foam dividers offer personal locations for each item with the consisted of security and safety and security from an linked reduced pad.

Foam Divider with Cell Sustains – One activity over U-pads, cell-supported foam dividers and trays deal the precise exact same personal locations with diecut support in each cell.

Foam Divider with Network – When all-around compartmental safety and security is needed, channeled foam dividers may be your storage space area container solution. Together with reduced and side supporting, they offer prominent side safety and security.

Foam Divider with Evolon – Evolon rolled side laminate is an add-on consist of from these dividers.

Foam Endcaps – For the manage from larger products that fill most of the storage space area container’s location nevertheless not all this, foam endcaps complete the areas, providing element support and 360-degree safety and security versus damage and harm.

Foam in Circumstance – For security benefits within and out, foam in circumstances have a challenging covering outdoors with a cushioned within. A convoluted (egg cage) plastic circumstance, these containers are lined prominent and reduced with urethane foam.

Pad Developed with Foam -Waterjet-cut XLPE foam is cozy thaw glued best right into this container type.

Pad with Foam – This divider integrates PP Plastic Pad with XLPE foam rails glued to the within.

Pad with Foam Rails – A plastic U-Pad developed bring, this foam dividers has foam rails within.

PE Foam Endcaps – Diecut and cozy bound, these endcaps are made from security PE foam.

Plastic Tray with Foam Rails – This corrugated divider tray is lined with rails that offer intermediary security and safety and security for elements from unique measurements.

Stackable Tray with Foam – Laminated foam diecuts divide this tray best right into personal locations. Purchase multiples to license piling from your elements, therefore conserving you location.

Bring with Divider – A post protected divider provides the supreme in sustaining to deep-pocketed plastic totes.

Bring with Foam Location – Stackable DSC with PE anti-static foam diecut

Tray with PE Foam Rails – DSC tray with diecut PE

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