Rattan Paper Plate Holders – Whenever I establish an easy job that depends on easily offered thrift shop products, I get an additional bill from complete satisfaction. And this Halloween-themed job is no exception- while I went to my regional Goodwill, I just couldn’t get far from these wicker/rattan paper plate holders- there were a TON from these in the housewares area.

Maturing, I consumed dishes at lots of houses that had these available. Developed to assistance a requirement paper plate, they were a 1970s-1980s staple…but paradoxically, I don’t believe we‘d them in our home! In either case, this was apparent to me that people were cleaning up out their cabinets and including these old wicker paper plate owners to their contribution piles.


They’re truly begging to be repurposed aren’t they? Affordable, easy-to-find, and a level/easy canvas for a brand-new starting. This message includes affiliate links for your crafting benefit.

Once the repaint dried out, I got some scraps from really felt from my stash- a mottled green for the stem, and black for the jack-o-lantern face…all which I eliminated totally free hand. Oh, and some material adhesive to connect my really felt items to the now-orange wicker.

e required a couple of much more embellishments, so I bought some “silk” fallen leaves to provide him that “just picked” appearance. And indeed, I recognize the fallen leave form is much more oak-y compared to squash-y, however I liked the fall shades and the tips from shimmery gold. I currently had some curly-q dried out turfs available that I‘d utilized in my summertime containers, so I spray repainted them green and included them to the blend.

When all was stated and done, I‘d a lovely bit ornamental item. Many thanks to the open up weave from the paper plate owner, I had the ability to move an item from string with the back (behind the stem) and connection off a bit loop- ideal for holding on a door!


A Pumpkin Exposed!

Perhaps not as adorable as the classic cardboard designs my mother would usage about your home all those years back, however certainly adorable enough…especially for the cost AND for the simpleness from the jo